The World Needs YOU

I do not claim to understand what you’ve been through. I may or may not be able to relate with the battles you’ve fought or you’re fighting, the pains you’ve experienced, the betrayals, the struggles and all the scars that might have earmarked your path. The truth is this, we are all warriors fighting different […]

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BEAUTY Beauty has five letters and it doesn’t have ‘U’ in it It however begins with B; a beautiful blend of all that’s decent The ‘E’ you know is replaced by an L; a representation of love untainted by lust At the centre of it is the letter ‘A’ reminding you that life begins only […]

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Dream Again

I see you oh beautiful land lushed with fertility I see how friends tell tales of your beauty But I look at you, and I don’t see lushness In you, I see the place where my dream lost its fortress Indeed no word is enough to buttress The pains I felt and the enormous stress […]

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Love Gone Wrong

  I was here when it all started When Facebook was the diary in which you wrote your love stories When Instagram was the album that held the pictures of your dates, his gifts and all I was here wondering how this wildfire could have been love, A part of me was happy for you, […]

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Dead before death

There was once a retail store At the heart of the city where I was born It was the trump of the rich and privileged The aspiration of the poor and weak Some say the items sold were really cheap But the word ‘cheap’ is a relative term I can almost vividly remember my first […]

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A letter to Alvin

I never thought I’d miss your birth Never knew I’d be too far away to hold you upon my chest You are the baby I waited anxiously to behold To tell you the stories of the truth we uphold Now a gleams of your handsomeness I see through a screen My gaze fixed on my […]

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