I bleed

I’d bled, I bleed, and am still bleeding…
What do you bleed?
Red or Green

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No one is exactly like you, treasure your uniqueness.



This wall you’ve built around you How I wish it only deter demons But I’ve seen family and friends turn back Cos the compactness of your defence shows you want solitude This bridge you set ablazed How I wish it was the bridge to sin But I hear the screams of hungry souls asking if […]

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Good Bye Oyedami ​ Short, brief, fleeting was the moment  Yet enriching and blissful was the experience  With you I got the chance to relive a past I dreaded But am glad I was able to right the wrongs I did What we shared was birthed in His presence  A path carved for His very […]



Boredom my dear So many questions clouds my mind I hope you don’t mind me asking? How did we become so close? When did we fall in love? I must admit, you have been so overwhelming Never letting me out of your sight for long Even when I broke your heart, disrespected you and walked […]


Portrait of a Christian

What does a Christian look like, I pondered? Of what nationality is he, I wondered? Is he tall or short, slim or fat? Then I learnt, he is a man like Christ A man favoured by divinity A man with whom there is no impossibility Free of hate and full of love Void of pride; […]

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Pursuit… in three words

Harper: (talking to Lance) Do you think the children are going to pledge? Lance: Am not thinking, the Sullivan’s have been “fried” over a hundred years and we’re going to keep that moving. Harper: So tradition! That’s what your main principles are? Lance: (retorted) I didn’t say so… Harper: Alright everybody then, (taking a quick […]

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