Let me begin with a story you have never heard…

A child walked up to a proactive young man(at least that was the appearance he wore), held his hands as he looked up to him and said ” Uncle, i want to be like you…” a cold shiver ran through his veins and in split seconds wondered “what does this little child know? What did he see? why would anyone want to be like me? well May be he’s just been a child… like i said all this were thought which popped up in few seconds. He knows for sure he needed to give a reply to this anxious gem in front of him and that’s what he did… he bent down and calmly said ” You will be better than me and walked away gently”.

Dont be quick to conclude that he was humble, for the truth was that deep inside him he didn’t even know himself, he had concentrated too much on what he was not and neglected the beauty of what he actually was, maybe that child saw it… the words from that little child taunts him for several years, even when he forgot the physical topography of the gem that said those words, in his heart he will forever remain indepted to that voice…

There is actually lumps or at least a nugget of treasures inside you that someone else would literarily kill to have, do not walk this earth like you are less favoured, less skilled, less gifted or less blessed… if you still do then its because you have not listened attentively to the voice of that little child saying … I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU


2 thoughts on “THE PROLOGUE

    1. Thanks Oluchee, that’s actually an extreme that is possible… However the article is liberation from inferiority complex, not to claim superiority but to see one’s self with the “God eye”. For we are all created with unique virtues bestowed in us.

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