In the Valley of Sorek, she waitingly lay

Her ravishing beauty the sun display

With her charming yet innocent smiles she awaits her prey

Enthusiastically longs to find a simple man she could lead astray

Her tender eyes bides you come, her voice calls you to stay

Her words are full of love, passionate care her heart portrays

Do not go her way, oh dear one, for none has ever returned

Do not go her way, oh precious one, for there stars are darkened

Do not believe her lies, for its true when i say she’s allergic to the truth

Do not believe her lies, for she’s got what it takes to put out ur light

Do not listen to her, for she has swallowed more destinies than the grave

Do not listen to her, her prowess has ended the bravest of men that are naive

Down in the valley of Sorek was one called “the lier”

Whose love, trust and devotions is only for the highest bidder

I know of one man of glorious repute called “Sain son”

Who for the crave of her body lost his sense of reason

He thinks he can meddle with sheol and rise again

But drifting and drifting, he got more than his bargain

Precious one, the valley of Sorek has fine vineyards

With sweet, melodious and rhythmic songs from the birds

There pleasure, women, wine and fun are all thine

But the coin of life you will inevitably spend to the last dime

Stay away from women of easy virtues, who before you stood baked

For they are the dwellers of the Valley of Sorek…


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