The crave for Fulfillment

the crave

We forget histories so quickly that though the battles we face are not new but plain repetitions, we fall the same way those before us had fallen. John Mason wrote “when you hunt rabbits in tigers country, you need to watch out for the tigers. We all understand this truth literarily but the actual question is “why would a hunter even hunt rabbits when there are tigers all around? if you capture or kill all the rabbits and for a moment consider yourself fulfilled, then you have just boarded the flight of “hallucinations” which has only one destination- Oblivion.

From time immemorial even before the advent of man, science for example talked of dinasaurs; the protoceraptors, iguanodon, tyrannosaurus, corythosaurus and so on. History books tells us they did spat fire, in my heart i imagined “what a war it was”. Have you heard of Ragnar Lodbrok, Thor and Odin; famous characters from the Germanic mythology, the powers they wielded and battles they fought. May be you haven’t but at least you have seen a movie about Achilles, Alexander the great, the lives they lived, the great battles they fought and their inglorious end. From scripture we have read about the “David and Goliath battle”,Gideon and his three hundreds to mention but to mention a few.

Different people, different places, different battle, different times, different reasons, one desire- the crave for fulfillment. The human race has experienced a spontaneous evolution yet the crave for fulfillment is one insatiable urge that has gone unabated. As it was then, so it now.

It’s a natural poclivity in human to possess this “crave” but the things we seemingly pursue are mere hallucinations, while the real Life beckons “come”.

It’s no longer a problem of sight, but that of vision, it’s not a problem of “the correctness of our head” but the rightness of our heart. When you consider the battles fought by men like Achilles, Alexander the Great, and the influence they had on their world you would really have seen your hero, but it’s not about the battles they fought, it’s about the WARS.

Alexander for example conquered the world as it were, yet died of an alcohol-induced fever. He brought the world to its knees yet could not control his appetites for alcohol and women and so he got plucked at the prime of his life.

There is a need for us all to check our crave for fulfillment, and ask one question: If I get all that am pursuing, will i have won the battle or the war? For the word fulfillment defines itself FULL-FILL; FULLNESS i.e all around victory. We live in a world where the hunt for rabbits is the norm of the day, good role models are gradually going into extinctions.

Everyone just want to be a successful professional in his field of expertise, as good as this is, the truth is most of this “A” students in career are at best “D” in life matters. How about taking time to be a professional father, mother, husband, wife (if there’s anything like that) how about an “A” in chastity, decency & control of sex drive. How about a NO to alcoholism, materialism, pornography, godless chatter and profanity. These are part of the composition (You may find more if you carefully examine life) of the battles that we face. But until we are an all round success we have not won the war.

Let’s say enough to leading Engineers who are smokers and wife batterers, let’s say enough to First class Students who are rude, arrogant and selfish, let’s say enough to doctors, lawyers and reputable lecturers who are nothing but womanizers, Let’s say enough to beautiful, intelligent young ladies who cannot cook and are ill-mannered, Let’s say enough, Let’s say enough.

It is better to win control over yourself than to take control of whole cities… Proverbs

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