A TALE OF TWO LOVERS… a true love story

She looked intently into his eyes, her body pale with so much passion as she asked him; do you love me? he answered in quiet yet sweet whispers, you know i do. Then she immediately added; can you marry me? with so much honesty in his heart he nodded his head in negation, saying No.

Almost immediately, a stream of tears ran down her cheek, and then he realised honesty was the last virtue he needed at that time, and as he tried to hold her intending to calm her down, this once tender damsel seemed to be possessed with the strenght of a hundred men.

He immediately knelt beside her and sweetly said “I love you so so much (he was actually sincere) and that’s why i said i can’t marry you because you are too good for me, you are meant for someone better than me.

With tears profusely streaming down her face, her body shaking and her heart most certainly bleeding, she said “You are all i want”. He turned away from her holding his head and thinking how he can cajole his way through. Then he realised she was unseemingly quiet and as he raised his head, in her hand was a white container nearly filled with Otapiapia (a local insecticide).

She was about to drink it when he snapped it off her hand. She had wondered… “how would he claim to love her, enjoy being with her, enjoyed her company, yet do not want to commit to her? waoh…

It’s a wonderful question but its not just for him alone, its also for her, for virtually everyone of us.

How would you claim to love God, accept his supremacy and have refused to get married to Him? By marriage i mean… “My Spirit, Soul and Body are entirely yours, i will adore you with my love, my heart and all my worldly treasures.” Let HIM be the last person you see every night before you sleep, the one in whose arms you cuddle through the night and the first you say “Good Morning” to every morning.

Will you cook His meal every morning and night, think about Him all day, rush out of work for lunch break only to get a chance to be alone with Him?

I know you say you love Him, but love is not in words, do not say like that young man “You are too good for me… for He is saying “YOU ARE ALL I WANT”.

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