a VOICE or an ECHO

Are you still scared to speak out for what you believe? Are you settling for a cheaper life because the path you envisioned seems unattainable?

I’ve read about heros, what they have done, i have read and seen many who chose to live simply. My resolve is this; Life not lived for a worthy cause is not worthy living, not at all.

Martin Luther King is often quoted to have said “If you have not found something you can die for, you have no reason to live. What would you die for? well is that a difficult question? okay then, here’s a simple one, what are you living for?

A wise man once said “If all you live for is to have a great education, make money, have a family, build a few houses and own some cars… then (am paraphrasing now) you have abused the life you were given, because you lived it all for you. Life, most especially “living” is not about you, it ought to be more than that.

What i see all around me is a “ME-PEOPLE”, a large expension of time and energy all to satisfy what? ourselves! our definition of success is far from God’s definition of fulfillment and because many don’t understand this, they make merry when they ought to mourn, they sleep while still on the steepy edge of life, no wonder many crashes…

My heart bleeds at the sight of this, not just for you but sometimes for me, for while i get busy doing good things, i try to stay focussed that i may not drift from the “One thing that’s needful”.

Sincerely its difficult not to respond swiftly to the urge for survival, but Life is beyond Surviving. Admidst all this noise, its easy to accept being just an ECHO, while the situation you are physically in is the voice you respond to. Unfortunately Life’s situation is a tidal wave, it rises and falls and so is the echo it generates.

All things find its purpose in God, find yours, stick to it, do all thats required of you to hold tenaciously unto it, no other life is worth it, even when it seems like you are not getting it right, try more, keep at it, its the price for distinctiveness and the prize is “A VOICE” afterall there are too many echo’s out there already…

Be different, I am



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