EAGLETS… Hear their silent whispers

Today makes it exactly three months since my last post. Sincerely, i have been very busy,though not too busy to write, just busy living the things I’d want to write about. I actually had to place a bowl on my table where i drop tiny notes in which i had written headlines. As much as i want to “write”, the Spirit within wants to just “Live it”. Today i finally chose to write.

I  hope you have not forgotten, the topic is Eaglets. Yeah, baby eagles. Let me start by stating; I am a teacher, by that i mean i get paid to help make or mar the future of a young mind.

… Did you just say mar? yes i just did. Look closely at the pages of history, every error you see is as a result of a teacher’s ommision or commission. Well am not talking about errors today. I am Just try to say “I’m a teacher”, a good one, who is passionate about “making” not “marring”.

I’ve seen and met some of the cutest young minds that walk on this earth caged in tiny capsules of fear, timidity and ignorance. Great treasures yet untapped.

I also have seen parents working from dawn to dusk to put food on the table, clothes on the children’s back, provide shelter, pay school fees etc. This routine has built in the Child’s subconscious the thought that life is all about Money.

We need to train young minds about purpose, tell them there’s a God who created them for His pleasure. We need to teach them to love, care, serve, be kind, study to pass exam not because they would be wasting their parents money if they don’t pass.

Lets tell them to study hard and become professional who would live their lives serving God and humanity.

I call on all God-Chasers to re-educate every child you can find, please tell them the media is wrong. Money is not the ultimate, its just a tool to fulfilling the ultimate.

Chasing money, fame, degrees, marriage is like an eagle trying to be a fast runner, but the truth is that eagles don’t run, they soar.
Let me leave you with a little poem i wrote for one eaglet i have been mentoring. She has been reading it, and gradually fear and timidity are disappearing…

Today  i am just an eaglet

Feeble and shaking like am in a ballet

Yet  my strong desire is the sky

A home to which i want to fly

So  do not look at me like i belong here

Instead fix your gaze high for i belong there

So when that day comes, remember i told you so

That the eagle in me will one day SOAR


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