As a little boy i saw so much yoruba movies and eight out of every ten had at least one scene shot at a shrine. There is the osun, ogun, sango or Ifa shrine. Apart from the osun shrine which is full of “whitish everything” ranging from dresses, background, water pots etc., the other shrines are usually a little scary.

Various events takes place in those shrines, but the underlying message remains the same. For example, a man who had been away from the gods of his fathers comes back home to make consultations and most time his aged mother had to re-introduce him to the priest (consultant). He exchange pleasantries with the priest, and usually he had to apologise to the oracle for staying away for so long, and when asked why? the obvious answer is ‘work’ and he has only come back home to solve a problem that arouse from work.

Let me not bore you with the details, this supposed son of the oracle makes known his heart desires, the oracle is consulted, he’s asked to pay the priest some money to buy some “unbuyable” items, his problems are supposedly solved and off to exile he goes, until another situation arises.

Most of us have seen these movie or at least heard about them at one time or the other and unconsciously there are many who treat the living God this way. It is so shameful to know that many believers have reduced God to a formula.

Our  subconscious mind has been trainned to accept things like; 21days fasting and prayer for marital breakthrough, 7 days fasting and prayer for promotion at work and so on. May God have mercy. Amen

There is also this “menace” that have been around for a while now, “… send this message to 10 people and you will receive a surprise from God, if you ignore, something bad will happen”. The painful thing is that the propagators of this messages are “church people” who ought to be christians.

You may have never responded to the above message but be sincere; the strictest consecration you have ever observed why did you do it? the last time you had a 3-day fast is it not because of the job you sought?

Christ is not an herbalist and God is not an Ifa Oracle, but that’s what you make Him to be when it your “wants” that only brings you so close to Him. Let me state it bluntly; Your love for things has made you to consider God a tool that you can use when you need it.

We are all created for His pleasure, Rev. 4:11, and he has given us the ministry of reconciliation 2cor.5:18. Whatever you do, whichever place you work, if you do not live to fulfil this ministry, you are grieving the one who made you.

Finally i ask you; is God your treasure bank or is he the love of your life?


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