THE GAME: Do You Still Play?

gameWhat’s the hardest game you have ever played? How many levels does it have? How long has it being in existence? Well I’m very sure it’s not as tough as this one I know, it’s not as compelling and believe me when I say, it is the oldest game ever played.

The mystery behind this game is that you don’t need to learn it, you just decide to play it and before you know, you are already a grandmaster.

This mysterious game has created the most miserable men, you and I have played it and most of us had been champions (I just hope none of us still is) graced with laurels that we wish we never had, some are still outstanding champions ignorantly holding on to internal defeat because they have refused to desist.

Lucifer, alexander the great and many notable men who vanished played it, it’s not pride, it’s the father of pride, it’s the “Comparison game”. In this game all you do is assess your success and failure with reference to those around you.

As long as you keep comparing yourself with another you will always see two set of people, those you are better than and those who are better. No matter the height you attain. When you’re locked between the web of pomposity and self-pity, you will discover that the bridge on which you stand is called “Miserable”.

It’s said that he who would lead the orchestral must turn his back on the crowd, now I say this;

If you must lead your life, you must be deaf to praises and critics, be blind to distraction and let you gaze be fixed only on the path set before you.

1st and 2nd Corinthians 10:12 says;Those who compares themselves with themselves are not wise… for even though they think they stand, they should take heed lest they fall.

#Happy New Year#Actually its been long time…


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