HAVEN… the search


Have you ever been to a city? any city, then you would have noticed that they are typically the same. You see those in suits, Students in uniform, traders, casual workers… they all seem to be going somewhere, but the truth is; they are going nowhere.

They are all a bunch of people moving in a circus in dare search of the same thing; a haven. You and I are not different.

We think vampires are cruel because of their insatiable thirst for blood, but we are no angels. Our desperate search for a haven makes us as guilty as those demons we denounce.

Let me tell you about four types of people i see everyday, i have used four famous board games to describe them, first we have those who play…



To this set of people their central principle is “No pain, No gain”. Their mind is set on business and investment. They comprise of that young girl you see in traffic selling sachet (pure) water, that Igbo man selling clothes in the market, your uncle in real estates, that multinational business tycoon etc.

They all think life is a monopoly game. Every morning they wake up, toss their dice and move through the monopoly board. They take their chance card” tries to escape “jail”, hope to win a lottery from “community chess”  as they carryout their transactions daily.

They are hustlers, they don’t quit, even when things goes bad like having to pay rent for standing on an air-field belonging to your competitor (one of the rules of monopoly board game).

The irony of this is that, their fate is determined by the numbers that appear each time the dice are cast. Since they have no control over it, they rise and fall, living their lives in anxiety for fear of what might happen the next moment.

They are known to be the custodian of ailments like high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke etc. They often die before they could find the haven.



Have you ever visited a very sick person? and when you pose the question, how are you? he or she replies; I’m fine even when the reverse is obvious?.  well that’s a poker man.

They believe “Life is a game, we only play by the card we are dealt”. So whatever happens to them, they call it destiny or fate. They are often seen in religious gatherings. They  are weak, because they do not strive for anything. To them it’s que sera sera, what will be will be…

que sera

They go about life waiting to see what the card dealer would give them. Like every poker player they keep a “Poker face” trying not to give anyone a hint of what is in their hand. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. The truth is that even in their most glorious moment, they are still unable to find that “Ace card” called haven.



In scrabble, the more words you know, the greater your chances of winning. So to this people “Knowledge is the key to greatness”. They read anything and everything. They top their class in school, they lead the most renowned researches. They are book-warm always searching for something new.

They never stops searching and even after making new discoveries, they simply start again; searching. They are reveled by many. We call them scholars, doctors, professors etc. They live simply and mostly in solitary.

Their hearts are usually shut to things that do not have logical explanations. They call such things hypothesis and do not want to be a part of things that cannot be proved.

The concept of Faith to them is an hypothesis, and since the basic truth in life requires faith, a “full blooded scrabble player” will never find peace which is only found in Truth. They live miserable lives, for they can never find the one thing they need, a haven.



I used to believe a king is always a powerful man who lead battles to defend his territory until i learnt how to play chess.

In this game, we have the Queen (which is the most powerful piece), the knights, bishops, rooks, and the pawns all striving to protect one piece “the King”. How a King became so powerless is a question i still cannot answer. People who play this game live by one rule “Protect the King even if it cost you the Queen”.

Their list is endless; Ritualists, Herbalists, Occultists, Yahoo-boys, Advance fee fraud (419), professional robbers, etc. Anyone who would do ANYTHING just to get what he/she wants belongs to this group. They don’t care how many people they hurt, how many lives they waste, if it guarantees their crave they are satisfied.

They always have an inglorious end full of pains and regrets. They soon realizes that  personal achievements at any cost may be theirs but the haven they desire, they will never find.

Where do you belong?

Be sincere, you belong to one of this four, the question is; which one? You are probably a blend of two or more. I want you to know that acceptance of your person is the first step to redemption.

The compass to the Haven

Antique Compass

The compass of the four set of people are as follows

Monopoly – Work

Poker – Destiny or Fate

Scrabble – Logic or Knowledge

Chess – Kill or Elimination

The life that gets to the Haven has the Holy Spirit as its guide. It does not matter which of the above you are, you can submit to His leading. The ocean of life is wide, every path seems right but it takes continual fellowship with the Holy Spirit to get to the haven.

Please let your life be led by Him, I long to see you at the HAVEN…

Now what do i have to do to make you comment, Sincerely I’d love to read your thoughts, your suggestions, your “anything”. So am waiting… THANKS FOR READING




13 thoughts on “HAVEN… the search

  1. I gave this write up every attention it deserves. The writer, well known to me though has really dealt with subjects of contentment within the framework of knowing who you are. I observed this piece can be developed into a book that everyone deserves to read. One of the books l can quickly match up with it (when fully developed) will be “Why you act the way you do”. Pls keep up this good work because this is the beginning of what God can do in you for our generation

  2. I agree with you sir. Most times we spend our time and effort on insatiable things in search of satisfaction, that fulfillment we yearn for . While the satisfaction we crave for is found in abundance in Christ Jesus. Thanks for this piece of write up. God bless you.

  3. Sometimes I get lost trying to know me. Still looking for myself among the four though…

    Well done boss! Nice write up.

    1. Thanks Bro, by default there is “this person” we are. Although many of us fights it, bt like i said the first step to redemption is acceptance… Some people believe knowledge is the key, some by default only think of themself, to them it doesnt matter if all go to hell and so on. i have only summarized the four but you can study the four games, their rules and i believe you’ll see yourself at least in one of them. Nevertheless Let the Holy Spirit be your compass

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