Have you ever felt like quitting because nothing is working? Do you feel like walking away and go do something else? Well if it be any consolation, i want to tell you, you are not alone.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a banker, a business man, a writer, a pastor… we all get to that point where quitting poses as a thought and then we are left with a choice; will i quit?

We are all faced with difficult situations at one point or another in our lives and so we react in three major different ways because we live by three major precepts; logic, religion & diabolism.

A logical man defaults to more work, more study, attends seminars etc. in order to change his status. The religious almost immediately start praying and fasting. The diabolical starts saving to buy the items required to appease the gods.

Like you see on social media “… can we get to the part where i become successful?”  Many wants to skip the process and get to the product. We all want a catalyst and by that we only mean; someone or something that speeds up the rate of a reaction. No chemistry or physics teacher would give you a full mark if that’s all you write about a catalyst.

A catalyst is small, it doesn’t begin a reaction… (you can consult Ababio or Okeke for more). It does work in a chemical equation but not in life’s equation. A catalyst in a chemical equation helps you do more in little time but in life it compounds issues.

It’s just like getting lost in a forest and then you remembered that you had a map all along. The map doesn’t automatically solve your problem, in fact it kind of compounds it, since you have to first proffer the solution to the question where am I?

Or after two years of investment in a business and failing you finally pick up a book on “how to start a business?” hoping it acts as a catalyst, well like i said earlier, it doesn’t work in life’s equation.

The way out?

I read something yesterday that kinda inspired me:

When you feel like QUITTING, think about why you STARTED

Why did you start…

If it’s not passion, then you are in a trip to the most miserable moments of your life. There’s a maxim that says: “Love what you do and you will never work a single day”.

When what you do becomes work then you need to revisit the beginning. people quit from work not passion (as long as they still have the strength). No wonder a successful man retires from work (a place where he earns money) and still goes to golf club (a place where he spends money).

Why did you start writing? If its not passion then when the traffic is low, you will get frustrated and stop.

Why haven’t you started writing? Is it because you are scared you are not good enough or that people might not read?

Why did you start…?

Why haven’t you started…?

The road is going to be rough, do not think you could activate a catalyst along the way, start with passion and if you are already on the road, don’t quit, just remember the passion with which you started.



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