For every promise, there is a premise… Sade Akanni

Happy New Month. May this month bring to you abundant mercy, grace and unfathomable greatness… (pause) you just said a word i didn’t write, whether consciously  or unconsciously, you obviously just muttered “Amen”.


May be because its just the normal response. Now let’s take a trip back to every first day of the last few months  beginning from January 1. How many monthly declarations have you said and typed “Amen” to?

From 2016, my year of ******, to February, my month of increase (at least for some), through march, month of marching forward, to April, May and now its June.

Evidently we all know that most of this declarations have turned out to be a joke. Imagine tagging a month, month of increase, forgetting that increase suggests a growth in what you already have. Will that not be a curse on someone who spends most of his/ her time watching movies, playing games and sleeping… except the increase is targeted at physical size.

Sam Adeyemi once said “If you spend all your day and night praying, all you will get is more anointing, no money, except you are planning to put the anointing in bottles; anointing for healing, anointing for headache etc.”

Yesterday, I saw and heard  a few people say and write out the promises of God for man as clearly depicted by Mary’s encounter with the Angel. They stated the promise, many said and typed Amen, neglecting the premise.

Let me take you through that conversation that ensued between Mary and Angel Gabriel;

… Mary you have found favour with God (Mary could have screamed Amen here, but she waited).

You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. 

The Lord will give Him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, his kingdom will never end.

The promises were wonderful but Mary knew she was not married and a virgin cannot give birth. Well, that was not the whole message Gabriel was sent to deliver, so he told her she was  going to conceive by the Holy Spirit. (You know the Story). The part we often overlook is thus; when Mary said Amen (i.e be it unto me according to your word), She was saying Amen to the premise and the promise.


She said Amen to the shame and disgrace often associated with young ladies who “played the harlot” in their father’s house, she was saying Amen to the possibility of losing Joseph; her prince charming. She was saying Amen to the reproach she would bring on herself and her family. She was saying Amen to suffering and pain in order that she may be the mother of the King of Kings.

So before you say Amen to the promise “…you will eat the fruit of the land” be quite ready to say Amen to the premise which is “If you are willing and obedient “(Is. 1:19). Before you claim the covenant of headship; say Amen to Obedience and follower-ship (Deut. 28:1,13). Before you start screaming Amen to inherit the nations and possessing the earth, humbly say Amen to Son-ship. (Psalm 2:7,8). Before you say Amen to ruler-ship, kindly say Amen to diligence (prov. 12:24).

Don’t make God out to be a liar, if He has promised, He is also able to do, but He will only fulfill His whole (premise + promise) counsel.




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