Testifiers Unit… My first few month in a Lagos Church


Happy New Month… it’s been about a year since AMEN; my last post and a lot have happened that I would want to share. Well I would just start by writing from my personal diary. I have tried to edit to some stuffs to avoid “personal, personal things”. Though the events are real, the names changed, but it’s really about what I did learn. So thanks to every member of the testifier’s unit, you guys really inspired me.

Praise the lord, my name is Paul… I want to thank the lord for the salvation of my soul and also last week, on Tuesday precisely…

(In my mind), this brother again, always having one testimony after another to share. Last time he recovered his missing wallet, the week before that it was how the lord turned a angry boss to become his friend. Now I wonder what he has to say. Is he trying to intimidate us or something? Or is it that he is the only one that God has been faithful to? Come to think of it, maybe I should just walk up that aisle and say something too. Haba, Kilode!


Wait! Is that not sister Bola standing behind him? Wonders shall never end! since I first entered this church some three months ago, she has been testifying of the goodness of God alongside Bro. Pee. Well, what has the Lord done again today? Two weeks ago she got a new job and just last week she narrowly escaped an accident, maybe God has given her a husband this week?

Testimony in this church ehn! See Sister Laide for example, (yes I know all their names since that’s the first thing they say when they come on stage) her testimony has been the same since I came to this church. All she does is to rephrase or paraphrase the same thing, not like we understand what God has really done for her; all I just know is that “God has always been faithful to her despite her unfaithfulness”. My natural mind has continually pondered “what’s this unfaithfulness she continually emphasizes?”, someone need to actually tell her to become faithful cause am tired of hearing that same word every time. Hmmmm…. Running away

My concern is this; I know a church can have an ushering unit, a drama unit, a Sunday school department, a prayer unit and a choir unit but it seems like this one has a testifier’s unit which also features a few guest testifiers once in a while. If that is true, then Bro. Pee must be the leader of that unit. But you know, your guess is as good as mine, there’s nothing like a testifier’s unit. The things I see here are truly strange, but since am sure God is here, I’ll just sit down and see how it goes.


Back at home, testifying of God’s goodness was like celebrating a wedding, all your friends, family and well-wishers will join you as you dance majestically to the stage. The choir will usher you in with a slow “4/4 beat” song usually it’s “God is good, He has done me well…” .The conventional thing is to say “Praise the Lord” three times before sharing your testimony. You will then seek permission to sing three songs; one will be offered by your unit members, one by your family or friends and the main one which would involve the “emotions of appreciation” by you. The third song rendition is the most interesting part; the testifier will either be on his/her knee or rolling on the floor to show deep reverence for God. These testimonies are normally accompanied by sacks, wrapped gifts and envelops except the testifier is a student in which case only the songs will do.

Lest I forget, you would have called earlier to inform the church leadership about your thanks giving at least a night before the service, with few exceptions where you would have to beg and sometimes plead for permission like God just prompted you to do it NOW.

So you understand my plight when I saw a group of people who would just stand up abruptly, no previous preparations (as evident from their testimony), and no singing (which is actually the cue of the testimony where I came from). Sometimes I had wondered if this testifier’s unit would still exist if they have to come with thanksgiving gifts. Are they truly grateful to God for who He is or are they just passionate about wasting our time in church? So I decided to go close and find out the answer to this question.

I did my research and this is my findings…

They are obviously not the most righteous people in the church; neither are they the most blessed of all.
They are just a collection of sincere and appreciative heart who understands truly that whatever they have is not truly theirs, it’s just a gift from God.
Even when they get a job seemingly by their certifications they still ascribe the glory to the Lord, acknowledging him as the source.
They are hardworking yet refusing to take the glory; they are highly placed yet humble, they are intelligent yet intentionally submissive to Him.

Now where does that leave me? Nah, not on the other side, I have a valid excuse…

You see am a very shy person who would rather not come out in front of the crowd, and you know that does not totally suggest being ungrateful. Ok wait let me put it this way, it’s not that am like “shy shy” it’s just that somethings are just not necessary, God see your heart and he knows if you are grateful or not. What’s your excuse for not testifying?

The truth…

No excuse is good enough? Thou art inexcusable O man…
God demands we testify of his goodness, his faithfulness, his loving kindness amidst his people. Psalms 22:22.

The testifiers unit is recruiting, would you like to join?


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