He wasteth not

He may call you to be His minister
To deliver specific messages to the unreached
A people living far away from civilization
And it may seem like you are blotted out of the map
But know that your life is secure with Him
He wasteth not

He may ask you to leave the job you cherish
To forsake the goal you passionately pursue
To take a job you would never have considered
And it seem like it’s a set up for impoverishment
But know that your future is set in Him
He wasteth not


He indeed has called you to spend time with Him
To give up moments of pleasure, bliss and fun
For worship, praise, study, pray and fellowship
And it now seem like His plan is to make you anti-social
But know that your time is important to Him
He wasteth not

So whatever it is He requires of you
Oh Yes! You’re still breathing so He has a demand
I implore you, be certain of what it is He demands
Whether it seem noble or ignoble, great or small
Count yourself lucky to so tasked
He wasteth not

For after all has been said and done
And all that has being done is said
Everything not done for Him will waste away
Only the life and moments spent for Him will yield interest
Then the enormous reward that awaits will be a prove
He wasteth not.



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