Pursuit… in three words

pursuitHarper: (talking to Lance) Do you think the children are going to pledge?
Lance: Am not thinking, the Sullivan’s have been “fried” over a hundred years and we’re going to keep that moving.
Harper: So tradition! That’s what your main principles are?
Lance: (retorted) I didn’t say so…
Harper: Alright everybody then, (taking a quick glance at everyone in the room) if you have to put your principles into three words what would it be? As for me, I’d say Creativity, Stability, partnership.
Brian: Tradition, Family and Love
Julian: Ancestry, Perseverance, Children
Quentin: Money, women, women (he’s the crazy one)
Lance: God, Family, Football
Harper: In that order?
Lance: In that order.
(culled from the movie “The best man holiday (2013)”. If you’ve seen it then you might have noticed I replaced some words, however the message remains intact.)

Recently i saw this movie again and asked myself; if I have to write my top three pursuits, what would it be?

Of all the things my heart seemingly desires; the desire to love and be loved, the desire to be successful, famous, known, respected, the strong desires to live a peaceful serene life, the desire to write, preach, and teach the word etc. the solace I have received at different time had not been real comfort as I had expected. The excitement is like the blood rush you get on Christmas Eve, suddenly the next day the ecstasy seems like an exaggerated display of emotion.

I feel excited when a target is met, a goal is achieved and I’m able to hang out with someone I truly care about, but then what happens when they are away? What happen when another challenge crops up and yesterday’s laurel is just a cup?

Many people have different views about life: some say, live one day at a time. Does that imply considering one day as a life-time in which whatever you do will be directly consequential on your eternity which in this case begins tomorrow? Or is it just a way of reliving oneself of the burden involved in doing too many things at the same time? Well, I don’t really know.

Some others says, to live the life, we love to live; to love the life, we live to love… it’s a tricky words play involving live, love and life, and I wonder if the aim is to get us confused or that we may give a deep thought to finding true solace. Maybe it actually means to live the life I truly desire, I need to love to stay alive and love that life by living solely to love… or it’s just a psychological thing aimed at keeping you in a circus until you get a hold of yourself and press the stop button.

What’s a perfect life like? Or in a simpler term, what’s a perfect day like?

Is it a day spent with family, at work, with loved ones, achieving one goal or the other? Is it a day free from pains, disappointments, and sorrows? Or is it a day spent for others: loving, giving, helping and sharing?

Since one man’s treasure is another man’s trash, there’s actually no ideal model for a perfect day. However, the truth is that life is interplay of events and people, if events and people are pieces of a puzzle, then one misfit could cause a distortion of the whole picture. I wouldn’t think it is right to allow the things that happen in and around my life to determine my joy, or dictate my mood.

It’s true…
To have a shoulder to lean on may actually be life’s greatest gift, to have a friend to talk to about anything can be refreshing and to have a successful career, a fat account can be very elating. The truth is shoulders grow weary, friends come and go, success may fade and riches like birds may fly away. I’d rather prefer a constant that isn’t affected by time, space or matter rather than a variable like the approval of my loved ones; as good as that may seem. Fall in love, hang out with friends, get a career, succeed and make all the money you want, but if you ever give any of this the power to dictate your life, you are headed for the alley of mystic.

But My Resolve…

I have decided to be happy and rejoice always not because I’ve got the best relationships, a fat account, the success I desire and every pieces of my puzzle rightly placed. I am rejoicing because in spite of my current challenges, pains, and misfits, I am doing Ok. Yeah, I still get hammered upon by frustration, depression, lack, failure; but I have my unperturbed peace because the hammering is done without while the source of my joy, my ultimate perfection is within.


Now to answer that question, the three most important pursuits in my life: God, Love and Ministry, and Yes, in that order. What’s yours?


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