Boredom my dear

So many questions clouds my mind

I hope you don’t mind me asking?

How did we become so close?

When did we fall in love?

I must admit, you have been so overwhelming

Never letting me out of your sight for long

Even when I broke your heart, disrespected you and walked away

You came back knocking, apologizing for what you never did wrong

I acknowledge your intense care, love and gestures

Your passionate embrace ever wrapped around me like a diaper

True! A quiet life my heart had always desire

But the silence you brought plunged my heart into despair

I’m sorry if I had wasted your time making you feel like you were the one for me

The truth is, you never were and never would be

Please do not try to contact me for I have moved on

The things you left at my place I have already mailed to you

It was not nice knowing you but I take full responsibility

For all the wrong decisions I made because of you

Being with you had taught me one of life’s most important lessons

Never be idle, no matter what.


© Sawndei  2017





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